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Client Relationships

J.C. Goodgal, Inc. is a registered investment advisory firm offering personalized service to a select clientele of individuals and small institutional investors. We believe that superior service requires attention to detail, accessibility and accommodation to the specific needs of the investor. Therefore, we continually update our clients on investment opportunities suitable to their financial requirements. We also encourage an ongoing relationship with our clients to keep abreast of any changes that may alter their portfolio strategy.

As an advisor, we first discuss and become familiar with our client’s financial status and investment objectives. Next, we tailor a portfolio strategy and a strategic allocation to meet our client’s needs. We develop the portfolio in strict accordance with any of the client’s specific instructions. Finally, we monitor the portfolio and act for investment purposes only.

J.C. Goodgal, Inc. through its relationship with Castalia Partners Limited in Guernsey, Channel Islands, a regulated investment advisor, is able to address its clients global investing requirements seamlessly. The firm, while independent, may also provide its clients with coordinated and integrated advisory services, from accounting, insurance and legal advisers, to comprehensively oversee their assets.