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Investment Services

J.C. Goodgal, Inc. specializes in investing in equity and debt instruments for individuals and institutional accounts, such as small pension funds. Each client’s portfolio strategy is based upon a sound investment policy. A portfolio’s asset mix is intended to avoid excessive exposure to risk. Our clients’ portfolios are constantly evaluated to take advantage of structural changes in market conditions. Investments are designed to achieve a superior long-term rate of return in concert with each client’s objectives. Portfolios are not developed from a preconceived list of securities, but rather in response to client needs.

J.C. Goodgal, Inc. selects its relationships with other financial institutions to benefit its clients. Custodial and trading relationships are established with firms offering the highest degree of personal service at a reasonable cost. Quality and efficiency are key in all financial relationships.

The firm’s primary concern is the safe appreciation of our client’s capital. We not only measure our performance against the broad market indices over time, but also against the goals of our clients.